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CyberMed R6

An Incredibly Powerful Embedded Medical Computer

Cybernet is excited to announce the CyberMed R6, a powerful medical box PC designed specifically for Healthcare. Fanless engineering and a compact form factor mean this unit can go nearly anywhere in a healthcare facility, including sterile environments.

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Cybernet Medical Computers on the Front Lines of the UK's COVID-19 Vaccination Program

With all of the eyes of the world on the United Kingdom this week as they roll out the most ambitious immunization project in their country's history, Cybernet Manufacturing is playing a small role in the mass vaccination project. A public health initiative of the size and scope of this one requires an extensive network of Electronic Patient Records to properly track and document who has received each phase of the COVID-19 and when they are due for a follow up shot. In many instances, Cybernet medical computers will be running that software.

For many years now, Cybernet has been working with the National Health Service in the UK to deploy medical grade computers to many facilities throughout the UK. Those computers play a critical role in making the vaccination process run more smoothly, while also adding an additional layer of protection for clinicians and patients alike.

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Public media photo from NHS

Success Stories

Regional Medical Center of San Jose

I always try to gauge feedback whenever I’m in the ICU or Emergency Department, and all I hear is that the units are so much better than what we used to have.

Director of Information Technology

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Sonny's Enterprises, Inc.

Once we switched to these it's just . . . everybody loves it. We've been quoted by a lot of users as hands down the best tunnel controller in the industry.

VP of IT

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Ulterra Drilling Technologies

Half of our manufacturing site is in Canada, and so those guys were down here and saw them and immediately said, 'we need some.'

Director of IT and Operations

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