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Medical-Grade Computers Built for Healthcare Excellence

Discover our all-in-one medical computers, built with reliability and efficiency in mind. With a legacy of over two decades in engineering computers for high-stakes environments, we provide customizable solutions for the specific needs of your healthcare facility.

Medical-Grade Computers

Standard-Powered Medical Computers

Designed for standard power sources, these computers offer a robust capability for diverse healthcare applications. Whether permanently mounted in place or mobile on a powered medical cart, our medical computers can handle any task.

Features & Benefits:
  • Reliable Power Backup: The internal UPS guarantees uninterrupted operation for up to five hours in the event of a power outage or a disconnection, ensuring continuity for critical tasks.

  • Safety Assurance: The IEC/UL/cUL 60601-1 certification guarantees our medical computers are safe for medical environments, protecting both users and patients from electrical shocks.

Battery-Powered Medical Computers

Offering greater flexibility than standard-powered computers, our battery-powered solutions are perfect for applications requiring mobility. When paired with a non-powered medical cart, they allow healthcare providers to perform tasks like charting and medication dispensing quickly and efficiently.

Features & Benefits:
  • Continuous Workflow: With hot-swap batteries, our computers enable uninterrupted work, boosting productivity and efficiency.

  • Multi-Device Power Hub: Our battery-powered computers serve as a power hub, supplying DC power to external devices such as printers and scanners.

Power-over-Ethernet Medical Computers

In facilities where power outlets are scarce and the installation may not be feasible, Ethernet cables and outlets are abundant and easy to install. Cybernet's Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) computers leverage Ethernet connections, providing computer access to healthcare workers where it's needed most.

Features & Benefits:
  • Simplified Wiring: PoE computers consolidate wiring and cable management by receiving power and data from the same outlet.

  • Easier to Support: Ethernet cabling is cheaper and simpler to install than standard electrical wiring, easing the integration process for healthcare providers.

IEC 60601-1 Certification
IEC 60601-1 certification guarantees that our medical computers are safe for use in healthcare environments, protecting both patients and users from electrical shocks.
Original Equipment Manufacturer
As an OEM, we can customize our medical computers to meet your specific needs, including custom branding, software, and hardware.
Less Than 0.5% Failure Rate Year over Year
Our medical computers are built to last, with a failure rate of less than 0.5% year over year.
Customization Options
We offer a wide range of customization options, including custom branding, software, and hardware.
1-Year Standard Warranty
We offer a 1-year standard warranty on all of our medical computers, with the option to upgrade to a 5-year warranty.

Choosing the Right Medical Computer for Your Needs

Standard, battery-powered or PoE medical-grade computer? Find the perfect model for your specific needs.

  • Standard-Powered

    Best suited for permanent workstations and powered medical carts, standard-powered medical computers excel in 24/7 operations and demanding tasks, making them the go-to choice for reliability and performance in dedicated healthcare settings.

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  • Battery-Powered

    Battery-powered medical computers offer unparalleled mobility, ideal for non-powered medical carts, granting healthcare providers the mobility and flexibility to perform tasks with full access to essential resources, such as EHR and the Internet.

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  • PoE

    PoE medical computers can operate in areas that a standard-powered medical PC cannot. Their easy integration leverages existing Ethernet infrastructure, simplifying adoption by bypassing the complexities of long installations and inspections.

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What Makes Our Computers Medical Grade

Our computers aren't labeled "medical-grade" for mere aesthetic appeal. Instead, they are specifically engineered for healthcare settings, integrating features that align with their intended purpose.

Fanless Cooling

Most consumer-grade PCs rely on fans to provide cooling for the computer's processor and interior components. However, these fans are noisy and prone to mechanical breakdown. Our medical PCs use passive cooling technology that does not require fans, ensuring reliability even under 24/7 operations.

Rated IP65

An ingress protection (IP) rating indicates how protected an electronic device is against dust and water intrusion. With an IP rating of 65, our medical computers are protected against dust, water, and other fluids that may splash on them in a healthcare environment. This helps guarantee they will operate even under the messiest of conditions.

Antimicrobial* Housing

Like all our devices, our medical-grade computers use housings with antimicrobial properties that protect the computer resin and plastic parts from degradation.

24/7 Operation

Computers in a hospital ward must be able to function continuously to guarantee the health and safety of patients. We extensively design and test our medical computers to ensure they will be operational for weeks at a time.

Legacy Devices Compatible

Hospitals and clinics often use older legacy equipment that is still functional but no longer supported by the manufacturer. Our computers implement legacy ports and other features that allow them to interface with this equipment, sparing healthcare groups from having to purchase expensive replacements for them.

Trusted by

We had worked with Cybernet before on our North Tower project, which was a huge success. Based on that relationship, it was really easy to put our trust in Cybernet for our cart project and anesthesia project. We couldn't be happier with the early results.
- Jonathan Schelmety, IS Project Coordinator Orlando Health Regional Medical Center