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New Medical Computer from Cybernet, the CyberMed M156, Promises Space-Saving and Durability

IRVINE, CA – February 29, 2016. Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer and ODM of medical-grade computers and tablets, recently announced the release of the CyberMed M156 medical panel PC.  This new product is the latest addition the company’s existing CyberMed line of 12 specialized models of medical computers engineered with laboratory and hospital applications in mind.  The new CyberMed M156 redefines durability and ease-of-use without sacrificing compliance requirements or overall craftsmanship.

“The CyberMed M156 is a space-saving panel PC ideal for medical carts or as an embedded medical device PC that can even be wall mounted with standard VESA mounting options,” said Ali Bagheri, Global Senior Vice President, Cybernet. “This versatility makes the CyberMed M156 an attractive option for mobile EMR, clean rooms and laboratories, among many other types of environments.”

Other key features include:

  • A fanless, waterproof and dustproof design  – With an IP65 rating, the medical panel PC will prove itself to be a cost-effective option over time since it’s designed to be durable and go the distance.
  • Antimicrobial* housing to protect the computer from degradation or deterioration – The CyberMed M156 is EN60601-1 certified, meaning that it is safe for near patient use.
  • Integrated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) – This feature allows for the device to be without power for up to one hour, giving the user time to save data and properly power-down the unit.
  • Space-saving dimensions – Because of its compact design, this new medical panel PC allows the user to access critical patient data on a device that doesn’t require as much space as older, traditional models.

“In addition to features designed to meet the unique challenges of hospitals, medical clinics and long term care facilities, the CyberMed M156 can be built-to-order with a wide variety of options,” Bagheri added. “Units can be configured online and a customized quote requested on the Cybernet website.”

“At the end of the day, our primary objective is to deliver cutting-edge technology that meets the ever-changing IT needs of our clients,” Bagheri concluded.

For more information on the CyberMed M156, as well as Cybernet’s entire line of medical grade computers, visit our website.

About Cybernet:

Founded in 1996, Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc. is a pioneer in high-performance, all-in-one PC technology and is a global manufacturer of all-in-one PCs and tablets built with military grade components to ensure durability and reliability. Cybernet serves a variety of vertical markets such as health care, industrial, business, banking, and education. Cybernet is privately held, and is headquartered in Irvine, CA, with operations in Taiwan, China, and Europe. The company employs 400+ employees worldwide. To learn more, please visit our website.

*Antimicrobial technology protects the housing of the computer & tablet. Cybernet makes no direct or implied claims to protecting users or providing other health benefits.