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Medical Grade Tablet
For Healthcare and Device Manufacturers

Light, Powerful & Feature-Rich Medical Grade Tablet

Medical Tablet PC

A medical device tablet engineered to fit the needs of healthcare manufacturers with its versatility and customizability. Extremely popular for all healthcare applications, patient care, and approved by the ESE Desktop Technologies team for use by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

  • 60601-1 Medical Certification
  • Intel Quad Core Processor
  • Variety of I/O ports & docking station
  • Antimicrobial* properties built in to protect the housing
Medical Device Tablet used with In-Home Therapy Device

Unparalleled Portability

This medical grade tablet is designed for mobility with its lightweight construction and slim profile.

In addition to its exceptional portability, it is also equipped with a VESA mount to enable attaching to carts as a true mobile tablet. This adds more freedom and flexibility and allows the CyberMed T10C to be used in a variety of applications.

The convenience of attaching it to a cart makes it a great choice for those who might need two hands to dispense medications or help move patients, while still able to use the powerful features the CyberMed T10C includes.

The Perfect Fit for Medical Device Manufacturers

The CyberMed T10C is the result of years of experience and feedback from medical device manufacturers. It is designed to meet every need that may arise for a piece of medical hardware.

One of the most important features that saves medical device manufacturers a lot of time, cost, and hassle is that this medical tablet lives up to its name and is actually medically certified.

No need to update the medical device every few years since the CyberMed T10C has a 5+ year product lifecycle. It also has a variety of ports, optional webcam, RFID, and more.

There's nothing the CyberMed T10C can't do, but if your needs are different, it's still highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your needs.

Brands That Trust Us

Most tablets have a life of two years these days. They change things subtly on them like maybe the connector at the bottom, but from our perspective that would be a major change to our device. We like the idea that [the CyberMed T10C] is going to be around for a number of years, and so we didn't have to keep doing redesigns every two years.

-Thomas McGraghan, Director of Product Development
Respiratory Motion, Inc

The Power & Versatility You Need

Powered by an Intel Quad Core processor and ready to face all your challenges with Intel HD Graphics and a responsive PCAP multi-touch screen. This tablet supports Linux or Windows 7 all the way to 11 operating systems to allow you the flexibility you need.

The CyberMed T10C also includes wireless and LAN port networking options for ease of connectivity whether you're able to plug it in or on the go.

A versatile enough tablet built to handle a wide range of temperatures, it can operate in as low as 0°C all the way up to 40°C, giving you peace of mind on both ends of the spectrum.

Watch this video to learn more about all its features.

Medical Tablet with Smart Card Reader

Disinfect with Ease

Whether your device is exposed to liquids or is an essential piece of equipment that needs to be sanitized in a hospital, the CyberMed T10C has your back. With an IP65 front bezel, you don't need to worry about using harsh disinfectants on the tablet or having the tablet sprayed with any type of liquids.

As are most of Cybernet's products, this medical tablet is also antimicrobial to protect the computer from degradation or deterioration.

Comfortable and Safe Handling

The CyberMed T10C is equipped with a removable ergonomic handle for ease of transporting and holding. Even though this feature makes it easy to handle, accidents still happen and electronics can be dropped. That's why we added carrying strap options such as the hand and shoulder straps shown in the picture here.

The hand strap allows users to comfortably and securely hold it while they're reading, inputting data, or signing documents with the provided stylus.

When your work is done and it's time to walk elsewhere, there's no need to hold the CyberMed T10C in your hand. You can just hang it on your shoulder comfortably and continue using both hands in whatever task you're facing.

Medical Tablet with Biometric Fingerprint Reader

What else can you get?

We hope you don't get overwhelmed with the amount of additional features and options the CyberMed T10C supports. To ensure it fits all medical device manufacturers needs, here are some of the features it can be equipped with:

  • 2D Barcode Scanner
  • Protective Rugged Case
  • VESA Docking Station
  • Privacy Filter
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Integrated Imprivata SSO RFID Reader

Certified Ready for HIT Use

Cybernet has committed to putting our medical grade units through extensive independent testing from the biggest names in HIT to provide you with the peace of mind that our units will meet any and all challenges.

Free Lifetime Phone Support

Cybernet offers complimentary U.K. telephone support for every product we sell, for as long as you own your product. Unlike other manufacturers, we don't charge you for telephone support after one year.

Extended Warranties

With an extended warranty, you can add an extra layer of protection to our already industry-leading warranty term. We offer extended warranties for this product: up to 5 years.

Deployment & Imaging

Cybernet provides free imaging. Send us the final drive image on a USB key or a DVD media and we'll deploy the image on every computer you purchase.

Personalized Sales & Technical Support

At Cybernet, we provide premium U.K.-based sales and technical support. We're always here to help you with customization and personalized support to ensure that you find the right medical tablet solution that fits your budget and timeline.

All Cybernet products are backed by industry award-winning U.K. Tech Support and local RMA service in Essex, England.

Cybernet operates globally with operations in the U.S., U.K., Taiwan, China & Australia.

Medical Grade Tablet for Healthcare Device Manufacturers

Tablets are frequently integrated in medical devices. Sometimes they're embedded into the device, other times they're attached or connected where they can be removable. In either case, it's important to pick a reliable tablet because the medical device is only as weak as its weakest link. Downtime and maintenance on the tablet itself would render the whole device useless.

Below are some features and considerations to help you choose a medical device tablet.

Medically Certified

The FDA requires many medical devices to be medically certified. Using a non medical grade tablet or one that is not certified would mean the manufacturer has to certify it themselves, which is costly and not guaranteed to pass.

Save yourself countless hours at the EMC and safety labs and start the design using a tablet that is already certified.

Requirements and regulations aren't the only reason manufacturers should look for a medically certified tablet, peace of mind of knowing it's safe to use near patients and with other equipment is another strong reason.

Low Power Consumption

Before a manufacturer commits to incorporating a tablet in their device, they need to make sure power consumption will not be an issue. Having a low power consuming tablet helps the device overall since it won't compete for the power draw.

Security & Privacy

Patient data is some of the most sought after information on the black market and needs to be protected properly to avoid costly fines. A great tablet should have features to allow easy integration with Imprivata such as smart card reader, RFID reader, or fingerprint readers.

Features like this makes for a safe tablet without having to attach dongles or purchase third party hardware.


Medical device manufacturers have different challenges when building their own equipment. The solution to these problems usually has to be tailored to the manufacturer since every obstacle is different.

Customization varies from simple logo, colors, and branding needs to processing power, speed, and even up to the tablet design. Cybernet is the original designer and manufacturer of the CyberMed T10C which makes any customization possible.

Manufacturer Experience

After you've found the medical tablet you need and checked all the features to ensure it fits your medical device, don't forget to take a deeper look at the manufacturer. An original manufacturer can be a huge ally and reduce the stress and headache of maintenance or support. Look for one with years of experience making the tablets as the longer the tablet has been on the market the more reliable it is. It's important to also look at the overall device failure rate.

The CyberMed T10C has been around for nine years and only has a 2% failure rate, setting a record in the tablet world.

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