Embedded Computers, Industrial Automation & Factory Computers

Built with military grade components to withstand harsh conditions

From automotive manufacturing plants to oil refineries, industrial computers are changing the way many industries operate. In the past, computers that were used in these types of industries often had short lifespans since they simply weren't designed to withstand high temperatures, dust, chemicals and being dropped. Because of their design, housing and military grade components, however, industrial computers can withstand operating temperatures much higher - and - lower than their traditional commercial-grade counterparts.

Our industrial computers are sealed and waterproof, as well as shock and vibration resistant. We couple this with a fanless design and military grade components to create power-packed units that are perfect for use on oil rigs, manufacturing plants and factory floors.

Industrial Computing Applications

Embedded Computers

Industrial embedded computers offer a high level of performance and low level of power consumption. Used for data computing, remote monitoring, and the integration of hardware and software technologies, industrial PC's are ideal computing solutions for tight spaces because they are designed with small footprints and multiple I/Os.

Our entire line of industrial PC's are:

  • Fanless, which reduces maintenance costs and minimizes downtime
  • Sealed, so they are resistant to dust, debris, and fluids
  • Noiseless, since they use a passive cooling system instead of fans
iPC N19 HMI Panel PC

Cybernet's Panel PCs with our Dual Display Mode and military grade components are a good fit for industrial automated systems.

Industrial Automation and Control

Industrial automation and control technology is used for controlling, optimizing, scheduling, decision-making, and managing in production processes. It can improve product output and quality, as well as lower costs and improve safety.

Industrial PCs are a good fit as control units for industrial automation because of both their flexibility and their ability to withstand extreme environments.

Industrial automation computers can be found on factory floors and oil rigs, as well as in transportation businesses, utility companies and many other types of industries that require computers that are rugged and tough enough to function under punishing conditions.

Cybernet's complete line of industrial PC's are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Moreover, because they are built with military grade components, they are durable and long lasting.

iPC R1 Factory Computer

Waterproof, shockproof, impervious to dust & grime - ideal for factory conditions.

Factory Computers

Advances in industrial computer technology have resulted in smarter factory processes and greater connectivity between machines and processes. Today's factories need equipment that's capable of delivering the highest amount of output with the lowest possible production costs.

Some industries, including the gas, oil, and petrochemical industry, have energy costs as high as 30-50% of their total production costs. Factory computers can be used to regulate factory equipment so that it performs at optimum levels while using the least amount of energy possible. This ensures both quality and consistency, which means less energy is wasted on producing defective products. Factory computers are equally important in forecasting maintenance. When done properly, this will result in less time and energy being wasted on the stopping and restarting of equipment for routine inspections.

Cybernet computers are an ideal choice for factory computing needs because they are designed for 24/7 use, even in extreme environmental conditions. Our factory computers are tough and rugged, and can survive drops, spills, and exceedingly high temperatures while still maintaining their reliability.

Mobile Medical Applications

While Cybernet industrial computers are used in demanding environments like factory floors and oil rigs, they are also perfect for use in medical settings as well.

They are ideal for mobile medical carts and use by emergency medical personnel in the field.

An industrial computer in an ambulance can be used to monitor the status of a patient while en route to the hospital. Emergency responders can then easily send this information to the emergency room so that admitting personnel will already have critical information before the ambulance even arrives. This gives ER medical staff more time to prepare for treating the patient's needs, which can ultimately mean the difference between the life and death of that patient.

Consumer grade computers are not designed to withstand the shocks, drops, and bumps associated with typical ambulance rides. Industrial grade computers and tablets are - and can be used in almost any medical setting where a more durable computer is needed.

OEM Computer

Many OEMs use Cybernet computer's as the controllers behind their hardware. Industrial computers are generally used for one of two functions with an OEM: data collection or the control and operation of equipment through software or hardware developed by the manufacturer.

Cybernet's industrial computers are the perfect solution for OEM's, particularly when used in rugged environments with extreme temperature variations.

In addition to having the ability to customize the computer to meet the unique needs of your project, we act as a true partner every step of the way and have the expertise required to design a comprehensive solution.

As an Original Design Manufacturer rather than a reseller, we can make modifications to our computers to accommodate the needs of your project. With Cybernet, you get a partner committed to working with you to ensure that your OEM product is a success.

T10 Tablet on Forklift

This computer is mounted on a forklift to scan barcodes on raw materials and finished goods during the manufacturing process.

Outdoor Computer

Whether mounted on a golf cart or a forklift, our industrial computers are designed to withstand both harsh weather conditions and extreme temperature variations while still delivering the reliability needed to get the job done.

Our outdoor computers:

  • Maintain their intensity and durability, regardless of weather conditions
  • Offer increased reliability and are capable of maintaining that reliability in sleet, snow, rain, dust, humidity, frigid temperatures and extreme heat
  • Are vibration resistant and completely waterproof

Their structural integrity provides optimal performance in the roughest of weather conditions.

Reliable Industrial HMI Panel

Industrial Computer Manufacturer of Mini Rugged PCs and Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial Computer Manufacturer

Cybernet has been manufacturing industrial grade all in one computers for nearly 20 years. In fact, all of our enterprise-grade computers and medical computers are built with industrial grade components. In 2014, we began manufacturing industrial computers designed specifically for factories, warehouses, oil rigs and other industries where commercial computers typically fail.

Cybernet is an industrial computer manufacturer of both Mini Rugged PCs and Industrial Panel PCs. We also manufacture an industrial tablet PC and have new industrial products coming out on a regular basis.

As an original design manufacturer rather than a reseller, we are constantly using the feedback we receive from our clients to improve our product offerings and in cases like this, develop new product lines altogether. We take client feedback very seriously and want our technology to help each and every end-user succeed.

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