Enterprise Computing Solutions

Built for Durability & Longevity with Rich Feature Sets

For more than 20 years, Cybernet customers across a variety of industries, ranging from banking and government to healthcare and education, have been deploying our enterprise computers in pioneering and unique ways.

All of our enterprise grade computers have long life-cycles, are designed to function under rough conditions and come standard with an unparalleled, rich feature set. From the office to the warehouse to even being mounted on a forklift, our enterprise computers and enterprise tablets provide the durability and resilience our customers have come to expect from the entire line of Cybernet products.

Enterprise Applications & Market Segments

Enterprise Computer OEM Application

OEM Computer

Many OEMs use Cybernet's enterprise computers and tablets as the main controller behind their hardware. Our systems:

  • Have a 50k hour MTBF
  • Boast less than a 2% failure rate
  • Can be customized to meet the unique needs of your particular project

Know that your OEM hardware and software will run smoothly on any of our OEM systems. With Cybernet, you get a partner committed to working with you to ensure that your OEM product is a success. Whether it's prototyping or customization, we'll work with you to transform your concept into reality.

Enterprise Computer in Non-Critical Care

Non-Critical Care Facilities

Non-critical care facilities including hospitals, long-term care providers, and other types of medical clinics require computers that are reliable, durable, and resilient, with a feature set not found in consumer-grade computers. While non-critical care facilities do not always require medical grade computers, they do require computers that are both dependable and long-lasting. Our enterprise grade computers and tablets are used in a variety of medical settings, including:

  • Pharmacies
  • Chiropractic clinics
  • Veterinary offices
  • Blood banks
  • Dental Offices
Enterprise Computer in Kiosk

Kiosk Computer / Check-in Terminals

Kiosk computers are more widely being used to improve services and lower costs in a variety of industries:

  • In hospitals, kiosks equipped with all in one computers or enterprise tablets are being used for patient registration and in-house pharmacies.
  • Mega churches are now using kiosks with touchscreen computers for check-in purposes.
  • Long-term healthcare facilities are using kiosks to house all in one computers, which make it easier for medical personnel to monitor patients and keep patient records up-to-date.
  • Many other types of businesses use kiosk computers for registration and organizational purposes.

Kiosk computers and check-in terminals can be found almost everywhere as a service to consumers and users. Airports use check-in computers to speed up check-in and reduce the amount of time people spend in line. Even libraries have kiosks for checking out your books without the need for assistance.

The benefits of using a Cybernet computer as a Kiosk computer are many. With our industrial grade components, the three to five-year product life cycle and our low fail rate, you can be assured that a Cybernet computer can handle the stress of dealing with the public and the elements without a malfunction.

Enterprise Computer on Forklift

Monitoring Industrial Processes

Thanks to advances in technology, more and more enterprise computers are now being used to monitor and control scientific and industrial processes. Whether it's part of a biotech firm's solution to bring into full focus what's happening under a microscope for NASA or monitoring how metal is cut for an industrial application, Cybernet's enterprise computers are up for the task. Since our entire line has been engineered to support legacy ports and features RAID/dual hard drive capabilities, it is easy to see why Cybernet enterprise computers are often included as part of a comprehensive industrial solution.

Our true industrial computers, including our Mini Rugged PCs and Panel PCs, are perfect for settings that require computers that can withstand extreme conditions.

Enterprise Tablet PCs

Our enterprise tablet PCs are made from industrial grade components and offer numerous features not found on consumer grade tablets, including:

  • A built-in barcode scanner
  • Ethernet and USB ports
  • Waterproof front bezels
  • Extremely low fail rates

All of our enterprise tablets are engineered with business and industry applications in mind. They also come with an optional rugged case designed to protect each unit from damage if dropped. The convenient carrying handle allows the end user to maintain a firm grip on the tablet, which reduces the likelihood of it being dropped.

Mean Time Between Fails (MTBF)

Because Cybernet's enterprise computers are made with industrial grade components, they have a fail rate of less than 2%. In fact, the MTBF rate of Cybernet's computers is 50k hours, which is approximately 5.7 years if used continuously.

While it might be tempting to buy a consumer grade computer for around a thousand dollars, it is not likely to be a cost-effective decision in the long run. Recent studies have found that many consumer grade computers fail within 18 months in a business setting, which costs both time and money, not to mention a reduction in employee productivity. Unfortunately, they just weren't designed to withstand the daily stresses that are placed on them. At Cybernet, we pride ourselves in manufacturing computers that are built to last, even in the most extreme environments.

What's more, consumer grade computers usually:

  • Don't have what's needed to power certain business applications
  • Aren't equipped with features like legacy ports, internal batteries and VESA mounts
  • Have a short product life cycle, which means you cannot purchase the same computer 18 months later if one fails

Equally important to keep in mind is the fact that consumer grade computers also require more oversight from an IT department since there are typically many varieties of computers being used at the same time, as opposed to a single type of computer with imaging done by the manufacturer.

Should a Cybernet computer fail, a replacement computer is shipped out, preloaded with your software and configured to the same specifications of the other computers from us that you already have.

All in One Enterprise Computers

Cybernet is the pioneer in high-performance, all in one PC technology. Since 1996, we have focused our efforts on designing and manufacturing all-in-one computers customized for our customers' unique environments and computing needs. That singular focus, combined with our commitment to quality, is why we are a trusted source for high-quality all in one computers.

Benefits of Using Cybernet Computers

  • Industrial Grade Components
  • 3 to 5 Year Warranties
  • Free Lifetime Phone Support
  • 3 to 5 Year Product Life Cycles

As the original manufacturer of our computers, we make changes based on our customers' feedback. Instead of dealing with a reseller, you are speaking with the original design manufacturer. Not only do we know the products better than any reseller, we can work with you to customize your computers to meet your needs.

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